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Who is Responsible for the Scheme?

The scheme is being progressed by Altessen, a joint venture between Essential Land and Altyon Partners.

Essential Land specialises in development management and was established in 2009 in response to a direct requirement from financial institutions and landowners to provide advice in a challenging market. Essential Land manages over 80 acres of urban land in the South East which is valued at over £200m.

Altyon Partners was formed in 2009 to invest in commercial property and strategic land. Altyon has formed a strong working relationship with Essential Land and together they are responsible for a number of major regeneration schemes throughout the South East.

Owing to its wealth of expertise in involving local communities in masterplanning, Altessen appointed John Thompson & Partners (JTP) to create the vision for Langley Court. JTP is an international placemaking practice, with extensive experience of delivering successful projects throughout the UK, Europe, Russia, China and the Middle East. The practice's participatory consultation techniques have been pioneered and enhanced over two decades to build collaborative visions for its projects with the very people who will go on to use them.

The Masterplan
- Development

The concept masterplan changed during the course of the public consultation following excellent feedback from the local community and discussions with the London Borough of Bromley. The planning consent is in outline only at this stage, meaning that it only deals with the proposed uses at the site, number of new homes and means of access. Detailed matters such as design will be the subject of a separate application which will also be consulted upon locally.

The objectives of the illustrative masterplan encompass:

  • Demolition of the existing buildings on site (except the pavilion)
  • Community use of the existing sports pitches and pavilion
  • Separate access of South Eden Park Road for the sports pitches and pavilion
  • Green spaces and sensitive landscaping throughout
  • Enhanced green corridor along the River Beck, complementing the sports pitches
  • Low to medium density to complement neighbouring communities
  • Dedicated parking for the sports pitches
  • Safe and attractive children’s play space
  • Single entrance to the new residential neighbourhood from the north
  • New high quality housing clustered around central spine road
  • Doctor’s surgery/healthcare facility at northern end of site
  • Pedestrian/cycle links across the site and connections north/south
  • Retention of the private and secure nature of Langley Park and Langley Waterside
  • New apartment blocks arranged around a lake.

View the masterplan here.

A Centre of Excellence for Junior Sport

The existing sports pavilion and pitches will be retained and become a home for the Park Langley Junior Sports Academy. This will provide quality sports coaching and facilities from community to elite levels.

Planned core activities include:

  • Tennis in partnership with Park Langley Tennis Club
  • Cricket in partnership with Kent Cricket Board
  • Football in Partnership with FA Academies
  • Netball in partnership with Beacons Netball Club
  • Dance in partnership with LBDA
  • Gymnastics in partnership with LGC

Martial arts and specialist sports physiotherapists, psychologists and nutritionists will also have a base on site.

A comprehensive and co-ordinated programme will allow children from 3-16 years old to be introduced to a selection of the UK’s major sports and to provide a pathway for a lifelong enjoyment of sport from social to professional level. The Academy will organise matches and tournaments but will not run formal teams in leagues, preferring to work with and support the existing clubs and schools in the area with coaching and facilities rather than compete with them. Initial plans are for four tennis courts a full size cricket pitch with outdoor and indoor practice nets a full size football pitch two netball courts and a dance and gymnastics studio, all with totally secure changing facilities. A lounge will create a social centre for The Academy and provide nutritious food and drinks to ensure parents and children can relax in a healthy and positive environment.

The Academy will be run by Richard Baxter who has 20 years' experience of organising sports coaching and tournaments in South East London, Bromley and Kent.

After initial set up costs the centre will be completely self-financed and underwritten by Richard Baxter’s limited company which currently provides early years childcare and sports coaching services. Some 30-40 full and part time jobs will be created on the site.

Partnerships with elite sporting bodies will ensure specialist coaching and talent identification is provided and partnerships with local schools and clubs will ensure access to as wide a spectrum as possible.

Doctor's Surgery

It is proposed that a new doctor's surgery/healthcare facility would be located at the northern end of the site adjoining the Bucknall Way roundabout. This two-storey building will be of traditional construction and similar in design to nearby residential buildings. Like the extra care facility, this will have dedicated car parking and will have direct access from the main entrance road.

Preservation of natural amenities

An important aspect of the scheme is the management of the landscape and the river Beck. The land falls within a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) with a considerable number of trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders. The scheme will include an attenuation lake at the southern end of the site.